VectorGraff™ - Graffiti Drawing Application

VectorGraff™ is a simple vector drawing application with which you can create everything from technical drawings to logos, to fliers & more, use all installed fonts on any MAC, PC, or linux computer, add text to images and more. Even transparency and custom gradients are available.

This tiny application (well under 1mb) works at screen resolution (72 dpi) and can export your finished artwork in JPG, PNG & GIF formats. VectorGraff™ runs on virtually any Windows, Mac or Linux operating system and can even run right from any CDROM or disk making it a basic portable work environment you can take with you on a jump drive or any other storage device.

F.T.A. (Full Time Artists) crew has been working with vectorized graffiti lettering & artwork since the mid nineties. In 2004 we teamed up with a programing team to create VectorGraff™ as an add-on to our Graffiti Fonts® 3.0 CDROM. Version 1.0 was finaly realeased in early 2005 along with GF3 & has been available for free download since then.

VectorGraff™ 2.0 is now in the works with a long list of major improvements. We have launched this site to allow users to access support, contact us & make sugestions for upgrades & new features.
Key Features
  • Cross Platform Functionality - VectorGraff runs on any operating system: Mac, PC, Android, Linux, Unix, Solaris...
  • No Installation Required - Simply Place the tiny (under 1mb) VectorGraff™ application anywhere on your computer & its ready to run. No need to uninstall & nothing left on your computer if you delete VectorGraff.
  • JPEG & PNG Export - Easily export web ready images with transparency & small file size


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