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The VectorGraff application was created to be the first ever software application centering around the creation of graffiti art. Highground Industries designed VectorGraff in 2004 as a part of the official Graffiti Fonts® project. The application debuted on the Graffiti Fonts 3.0 CDROM in early 2005. This app was built to work for anyone on any computer & it was built to run directly from our CDROMs. VectorGraff is very simple & easy to use but still capable of complex & accurate graphic design. Similar in operation to other vector design applications such as Illustrator, Corel draw or Inkscape but far simpler and much smaller VectorGraff sticks to the fundamentals to provide, drawing, typography, use of images, transparency, layers & other basics to provide an environment and tool kit similar to that of real graffiti art.

Highground Industries™
Highground is one of several brands to spring from the silicon valley based F.T.A. (Full Time Artists) crew. in 1997 Highground was formed as an independant music label providing WEB SERVICES, GRAPHIC DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, DISTRIBUTION & other services to independant Hip-Hop Artists & musicians of all types. In 2001 Highground released the worlds first collection of graffiti style digital typefaces (a.k.a. fonts). With art & music directltly from Full Time Artists Highground quickly expanded into a small multimedia company providing services to hundreds of artists, musicians, businesses & individuals as well as licencing, music, artwork, fonts, photography & more for the entertainment industry with work in games, movies, music, etc..

This website is the official home of the VectorGraff application. Highground developers will add tutorials, support documents & F.A.Q.s as they become available. You can help by sending us your questions, comments or suggestions using the Contact Us page of this website.

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